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Occupational Safety & Health State Plan Association


OSHSPA is the Occupational Safety and Health State Plan Association, an organization of 28 states and territories that have OSHA-approved state plans.  OSHSPA is the link between state plans, federal OSHA, and Congress. OSHSPA representatives meet three times a year to exchange information and address shared concerns. OSHSPA representatives have also appeared before congressional committees and other hearings to report on workplace safety and health matters.

State plans affect the safety and health of more than 64 million workers. In addition to their enforcement role, state plans help employers make safer workplaces by providing free consultative services, educational outreach, and technical assistance. More information regarding each State Plan can be found via the website links below and/or in the Grassroots Reports under the “Reports” heading of this website.

State Plans

The following states have approved plans.

*Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, New Jersey, New York and Virgin Islands jurisdiction is public sector employment only.  OSHA exercises private sector jurisdiction in these states.

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